The Tomato Proof of Human Insanity

Now, granted, I don’t care much for tomatoes in any form, but the fact that fried green tomatoes exist leads me to believe that there isn’t much hope for humanity.

Think about it: tomatoes aren’t really ripe or taste as they should until they turn red.  But some time in the past, someone growing tomatoes was impatient enough to not wait until the tomatoes were ripe.  They wanted their tomatoes right then, and could not wait any longer.

Of course, whoever this was ate this not-yet-ripe tomato, and was disgusted with the results.  At this point, this person is already not very bright, but if he had stopped right then, fine, lesson learned, patience is a virtue.


“Hey, maw!  Whut can we do to this ‘mater (the redneck pronunciation of “tomato”) to make it good?”

“Hell, paw, do whut’cha do with everythin’ else, fry that sucker up!”

I am convinced that putting a ridiculous amount of flour and wash on any food and submerging it in hot oil (likely animal fat, such as lard, which makes my arteries clog up just thinking about it) basically destroys whatever flavor a food ever had.  Hell, these people could probably fry up some dog poop and think it’s good.  The very idea to not only fry a tomato, but an unripe, underdeveloped tomato, is just beyond insanity.  And the fact that people have bought into this insane idea and actually pay money to have people create this insane “food” for them has convinced me that the human race isn’t going to last much longer.